MHS youth selected for state advisory team

Willl work with Susan Castillo

   State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo announced this week that Jacob Struck, a sophomore at Madras High School, has been selected to serve on her Youth Advisory Team.
   The group's next meeting will be in Salem on May 9, at the Oregon Department of Education. Ed Dennis, Castillo's Chief of Staff, coordinates the advisory team and is assisted by Kelsey Jones, an intern from Oregon State University.
   "During my campaign, I knew I wanted to have the benefit of the advice of a diverse group of students," Castillo said. "I expect this group to play a key role in changing and improving public education in Oregon by using their experiences as students to inform state leaders, educators, and community members."
   "Today, the House Revenue Committee of the Oregon Legislature invited the Youth Advisory Team to bring their suggestions for solving the school funding crisis before the committee this spring," Castillo said.
   Jacob Struck, age 16, is currently a sophomore at Madras High School. Struck is involved with his school's football, wrestling, FFA, NHS, math and sciences program.
   "The voices of students need to be heard and acted upon. We the students are being affected by these issues and those being affected should have their say so. Also it is a great chance to communicate and interact with the ODE," he said.
   "Right now the most important issue facing students is funding. Music, sports, and several important activities are being cut, and those are also important to all students," Stuck added.