by: Contributed - The American flag flying at Culver City Hall was a special gift to Bob Heare after his father, a World War II veteren, passed away in 1985.

   March 19, 2003 — Culver City Hall is honoring those serving in the armed forces by flying an American flag of personal significance.
   Bob Heare, of Culver, asked the city to raise the flag he was presented when his father passed away in 1985. Heare's father served in the U.S. Navy on the USS Holland during World War II, and the flag also is a patriotic tribute to Heare's grandson, Pvt. Shane Keenum of Fort Hood, Texas.
   Keenum is being deployed to the Persian Gulf and Heare, a veteran, plans to present Keenum his great grandfather's flag upon his safe return.
   The flag flying at Culver City Hall is a tribute to all those who serve. It will remain flying until Keenum returns.
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