Ellsbury excelling for Oregon State


   Jacoby Ellsbury of Madras High's Class of 2002 continued his hot hitting and fielding for Oregon State University's baseball team last week.
   But his exploits and those of others couldn't keep OSU from losing three staight, two at home against Washington and another in Pasco, Wash., against Washington State, before climbing back to .500 for the year, at 10-10. It took a Saturday win over Washington State for Oregon state to earn its 10th win. Unfortunately for Ellsbury, individually, that game halted his hitting streak at seven games. In a pair of home games against Washington, Ellsbury was watched by Madras High assistant baseball coach Larry Fivecoat.
   "He went up the fence, literally to get one fly," Fivecoat noted of a stellar play Ellsbury made on March 11. Leaping at the last moment, he pushed off the fence with his foot and extended above it to make a play.
   While he had three hits himself to go with his stop, Ellsbury couldn't prevent Oregon State's pitchers from serving up too meaty a pitch to Washington, which was turned into a game-winning grand slam home run.