To the Editor

   I would like to encourage everyone to stop by Art Adventure in the heart of downtown Madras sometime during the month of March. One of Oregon's most distinguished and recognized sculptors, Manuel Izquierdo, is the featured artist this month.
   The show at Art Adventure provides an extraordinary opportunity for local residents to view important artworks without having to leave the neighborhood. Izquierdo's block prints are lively and provocative, and his bronzes fall into an elite category bordering on genius.
   March also provides the perfect opportunity to meet and express gratitude to the many Art Adventure volunteers who dedicate themselves to the betterment of our community through art exhibitions and art education. The volunteers do a remarkable job, and they do it on a very limited budget.
   The impeccable taste and tireless energy of my favorite volunteer, director Coralee Popp, has elevated our little gallery to new heights. She has managed to create an exceptionally rare atmosphere, one that showcases talented regional artisans, while somehow managing to lure the most celebrated names in the Oregon art world.
   In these troubled and troubling times, isn't it a comfort to know there's a place in Jefferson County where people focus on earth's most beautiful and thoughtful subjects. If you haven't been to the gallery, stop by and see what you've been missing. Art Adventure contains a slice of culture and a touch of class typically reserved for large metropolitan centers. The volunteers will make you feel welcomed and the art will awaken your senses.
   Bill Rhoades
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