March celebrates youth art


by: Submitted Photo  - Students decorated Chinese take-out boxes to present to Legislators with the message

   The Youth Art Month theme "Don't Take Out The Art" included a presentation of art "takeout boxes" to Legislators as they were considering budget cuts.
   JCMS students are currently exhibiting art in the Tribal Children's Exhibit at the Museum at Warm Springs, and at the Portland Airport Exhibit, showcasing children's art from several regions of Oregon.
   Students in the Portland exhibit include: Amar Patel, Miriam Fisher, Calley Nye, Alyson Cole, Anayelid Serrano and Arely Morales. Those in the museum exhibit are: Moody, Leander Smith, Kristie Morrison, Simeon Kalama, Samantha Pennington, Yolanda Yallup, Matilda Wallulatum, Jacoby Frank, Shaylene Craig, Charnelle Danzuka, Wilma Tufti, Sophia Williams. Samantha Kalama, Joanna Williams, Jasper Smith, Davis Sohappy, Rosettta Danzuka, Tianna Herkshan, Chance Squiemphen, Addie Estimo, Kelly Blueback, Olea Yahtin, Jacoba Smith, Bridgett Macy, Arthur Mitchell and Warner Williams.