>   Madras Mat Club wrestlers have been highly successful this season. A few club members may even compete in freestyle events this spring. But only some results from Feb. 1. meet at Redmond were noted earlier.
   The young Madras wrestlers did well enough in their various age groups to earn a second-place team trophy. More of the team members won or placed second or third in their weight than in any other meet this season.
   Madras Mat Club wrestlers placings at Redmond:
   Pee Wees -- 1sts: Bryce Vincent (45), Levi Vincent (55). 2nd: George Mendoza (55).
   Bantams -- 1st: Miguel Vasquez (60). 2nd: Ian Fording (no weight shown). 3rds: Broc Sanders (45), Josh Ross (65).
   Midgets -- 1st: Ezra Beals (75). 2nd: Travis Williams (100). 3rd: Tyler Ogilvie (65).
   Novices -- 1sts: Ryan Brunner (75), Nate Monroe (80), Victor Switzler (90), Trevor Barrett (120), Justin Hendrix (125) and Josh Dupont (130). 2nd: Kevin Gurganus (120). 3rd: James Spino (75).
   School Boys -- 1st: Jeremy Dupont (130). 2nd: Cameron Rosenfield (119).
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