>Desert Peaks approved as new name for what was Links at Madras

   Resuming Daylight Savings time this weekend is also bringing forth new days and times for the men's and women' groups which gather at the city-run, nine-hole golf course which was recently renamed Desert Peaks at a city council meeting.
   The Women's Club at the course, once the Links at Madras, will be gathering on Wednesdays.
   The Men's Club groups will be competing on Thursdays. A tee time of 10 a.m. is going into effect as of April 2 and 3.
   There is going to be a variety of special events coming up at the course. Among them will be a competition for Madras High golf teams. The Madras teams did not compete at what had been the 18-hole course in Madras last spring after it was split up as a privately run nine-hole Nine Peaks, which has since closed, and the city's nine-hole, par 36, layout.
   More information on what events are coming to the course are listed on a calendar posted there. The clubhouse is located near the airport on Adler Street.
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