Program cut

To the Editor,
   Our community has been hit close to home with a recent state cut -- another in a long line of hits expected. The funding to the Commission on Children and Families has been reduced significantly, resulting in the reduction of our director's position to part-time. Mack Gardner has done an excellent job of networking throughout the organizations in our County and in Central Oregon. He has helped put together people and programs that have improved the quality of life in our area. Many of us have worked with the Commission through the years and understand the value of this program.
   As future cuts may eliminate CCF entirely, it may well fall upon interested and proactive Jefferson County volunteers to keep this organization alive and functioning during this economic downturn time. We are currently looking to fill several CCF Board positions, please contact Mack if you are interested in learning more about this.
   Thank you, Mack, for your diligent and enthusiastic service to our children and families.
   Mary Zemke
County Commissioner