>   Madras Mat Club wrestlers have been highly successful this season. A few club members may even compete in freestyle events this spring. But results from a Feb. 1. meet at Redmond were incomplete in an earlier notice.
   Those wrestlers who competed in the varied age groups did well enough to earn a second-place team trophy. More team members won or placed second or third than at any meet of the recently ended season.
   Madras Mat Club wrestlers placings at Redmond:
   Pee Wees -- 1sts: Bryce Vincent (45), Levi Vincent (55). 2nd: George Mendoza (55).
   Bantams -- 1st: Miguel Vasquez (60). 2nd: Ian Fording (no weight shown). 3rds: Broc Sanders (45), Wyatt Rufener (50-55), Josh Ross (65).
   Midgets -- 1st: Ezra Beals (75). 2nd: Travis Williams (100). 3rd: Tyler Ogilvie (65).
   Novices -- 1sts: Ryan Brunner (75), Nate Monroe (80), Victor Switzler (90), Trevor Barrett (120), Justin Hendrix (125) and Josh Dupont (130). 2nd: Kevin Gurganus (120). 3rd: James Spino (75).
   School Boys -- 1st: Jeremy Dupont (130). 2nd: Cameron Rosenfield (119).
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