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   Decorated in early "mod" blankets and quilts to avoid the snow flurries and cold, Culver High's dugout was one hot place on April 2 in La Pine, despite it being quite chilly.
   The non-league softball action that day in La Pine made Culver look hot anyway, even if temperatures dipped into the 30s. Coach Jack Layton and the Culver corps made it look warmer.
   Starting pitcher Bree Miller was praised by Layton for her help in anchoring the win at La Pine for Culver. Miller intercepted a popped up bunt inches off the ground and turned it into a double play in Culver's 16-8 win.
   "Most of the outs we recorded were pretty routine," said Layton.
   Lanisha Goicoa switched from shortstop to the pitching mound for the final four innings of the win.
   Kristy Allen's triple and Kelsea Lang's home run led the Culver offense to a fourth win without a loss in the game at La Pine. Focusing on their goal of another run at the state playoofs, the softball Bulldogs open CBC play April 15 at home in a doublehader against Umatilla.
   With an assortment of infielders including Marissa Hagman or Brieona Whitaker at third, Lanisha Goicoa usually at shortstop, Kristy Allen at second and 5-foot, 10-inch Amanda Allen at first, whoever is pitching -- usually it's been Miller -- has strong defense to help when the opposition does connect, noted Layton.
   "The girls are starting to put together their defense and their hitting. I think we'll do really well," said Layton.
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