by: Submitted Photo  - James England

   Army Staff Sergeant James England is serving with the 766th Ordinance Company in the Persian Gulf Region as a ballistics expert. His parents, Carolyn and Jim England of Madras admit his specialty makes them nervous.
   "He knows how to disarm conventional and nuclear bombs, plus any kind of ordinance. It's pretty scary, but he loves what he's doing and he's very, very good at it. So I try to think positive," his mother said.
   After graduating from Madras High in 1986, England joined the Army and has served in many areas including the Persian Gulf previously, Germany, Panama, Grenada, Russia, and Czechoslovakia. He is based out of Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, and has a wife, Tanya, and children, Amber and Dyer in Florida, and Kara and Bret in Portland.
   Part of his job is to travel with dignitaries and help the secret service secure an area before the VIPs disembark from a plane. He has traveled with President Bush and Colin Powell, President Clinton and Hilary, and went with Madeline Albright when she visited Czechoslovakia. Just before his latest deployment he was working at Cape Canaveral.
   "He went over to Kuwait in November and was told to expect to be there one year. They will be doing the clean-up after the war," his mother said.
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