>Letter to the Editor
   On April 7 an article appeared in The Bulletin claiming that a Portland racing organization wants to build a fairly comprehensive road race course and race park near our airport and current drag strip. One Madras city official, who happens to be a race enthusiast, was lauding the group's efforts and the great economic benefit it would bring to the area. Quoting from The Bulletin article, the president of Pacific Motorsports Management, Inc. said "We're looking at a facility that is adaptable for everything from go carts to Freightliner trucks." He implied that nearby residents are used to the noise generated by the industrial park, drag strip, and airport and would not be bothered by a little more. He was wrong. On summer weekends we listen to the drag strip announcers and engines revving. Increased traffic flow on Birch Lane and Glass Drive is another concern. The race park idea is a good one, but not for our neighborhood. We implore city officials to look for a site far removed from residential areas.
    Bud & Sally Miller
   Sally Miller
   705 NW Glass Dr.
   Madras, OR

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