To the Editor:

   On behalf of the Agriculture/Science and Technology Advisory Committee and as a parent of students attending Culver High School, I would like to share with you some concerns we have regarding current and future budget cuts and how it may affect Culver students.
   Culver High School currently offers very few elective courses compared to many of our surrounding larger schools, and with recent reduction in state funding many of the few electives Culver offers could be in jeopardy. The one we, the committee and myself, are very concerned about is the Agri/Science and Technology Program of which Ag Shop & FHA are an integral part. Approximately 70 percent of the CHS students currently participate in the Agriculture and Ag Shop program and 41 members in FFA. These programs offer students a chance to excel in a wide variety of hands on/job preparation skills, i.e., woodworking, welding, mechanics, agriculture studies, livestock and soils judging, public speaking, professionalism, etc. Also, students have the opportunity, through the FFA program, to receive a Certificate of Advanced Mastery (CAM) if they receive their State FFA Degree.
   It is for these reasons we would like to see this program continue and are asking for your help to ensure that it does. We would like you to address a letter to the Chairman of the Budget Committee stating what this program means to you and the opportunities and benefits it has provided your child.
   Any of you who haven't had the opportunity to attend an FFA banquet or attend or possibly serve as a judge for the many contests these kids compete in, we encourage you to do so. It always amazes us what the kids can do.
   The next Budget Committee meeting is tentatively set for April 29. We would like to present as many letters as possible at this meeting. You can send your letters to: Cheryl Simmons at 1547 SW Jericho Ln., Culver, OR 97734, e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or if you would rather personally deliver it to the meeting, that would be acceptable.
   Thank you for your time and please don't be afraid to step us and take a stand. It will be with the support of the community, students, and parents pulling together that will save this program.
   Cheryl Simmons
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