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   Culver High School students got to experience the impaired vision of an intoxicated driver through "fatal vision" glasses, and hear about the dangers of drunk driving during a DUII Panel presentation April 24.
   The school assembly presentation to 150 students was timed to coincide with school Prom, the biggest party of the year for students, and to help prevent them from drinking and driving or getting into a car with someone who is intoxicated.
   Panel members each had a personal experience with the consequences of drunk driving and shared their stories.
   Tony Ellis told the story of his son who died at Haystack Reservoir a couple of years ago while mud-bogging with a friend, when the truck rolled over him. Alcohol was involved.
   Janis Dinkel said she was hit by a drunk driver near Juniper Butte almost two years ago in an accident so severe it killed the man who hit her.
   Guest speaker Stella Oja, head of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), became active in the organization after having multiple family members killed in accidents.
   Trauma nurse Will Bean gave a slide show on drivers under the influence of intoxicants (DUII), which bluntly showed injuries from accidents.
   Deputy District Attorney Sheryl Blackman, who handles most of the local DUII court cases, showed pictures of DUII car crashes and explained the legal consequences of driving drunk.
   Warm Springs emergency medical technician Heather Crow-Martinez told what it was like to respond to accidents caused by drunk drivers.
   Students were able to see firsthand how impaired a drunk driver can be by donning special Fatal Vision glasses, which simulate the distorted vision of an intoxicated person, and then trying to . The demonstration was very convincing. School officer Time Hankins conducted this portion of the event.
   The whole DUII Panel presentation was coordinated and presented by BestCare and Mandi Puckett, prevention and mentoring coordinator with the Madras Area Community Action Team.
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