Customer respect

Customer respect
To the Editor
   I must write this letter in response to some of the more recent "trend" in the closing of long-time business shops as well as new business shops. I have tried my best to support the local business, but I do find it hard to spend my hard earned dollar in some of these stores that feel because of my race they need to follow me through out the store.
   I would rather pay the extra money in gas for the better customer service. I work just as hard as anyone to deserve to be treated with respect. I know several other people who feel the same. I am not followed when I shop at Wal-Mart nor am I constantly asked what am I looking for or all of a sudden the items in the same vicinity as me need to be "fixed".
   I therefore chose to shop at those stores locally that treat me with the respect that I deserve and the stores that don't, honestly don't get my hard-earned cash.
   D. Katchia
Warm Springs