sp;  May 7, 2003 — The Madras Police Department issued 31 citations Saturday during the first of seven pedestrian safety operations.
   Additionally, officers snagged two individuals with outstanding warrants who were stopped for failing to yield to a pedestrian.
   The decoy operation lasted four hours at the intersection of Fourth and G streets. The Madras Police Department is using a public safety grant to pay for the operation, which focuses on educating the community on pedestrian safety.
   Four of the 31 cited also were found to be driving with suspended licenses.
   The decoy operations take place at marked crosswalks, and cones are placed to denote safe stopping distances. As drivers approach, a pedestrian begins walking across the street.
   Citations are issued if the drivers fail to yield or don't allow a safe stopping distance.
   In a press release, police said violators' common excuses were: "I didn't see him," or even, "I asked my wife if I should stop and she told me probably."
   The next four-hour operation begins at 11 a.m., May 8, at the intersection of Fourth and G streets.
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