by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Cancan dancers from High Desert Dance Studio gave a high-kicking performance at the Collage.

What dawned as a beautiful day at 6 a.m. with hot air balloon launches, turned cold and windy in the afternoon, bringing the Collage's first hail storm.
   "The weather was kind of arguing with us with a big performance," said Chamber Director Parrish Van Wert.
   Many flocked to the warm and toasty Westside gym to listen to student recorder concerts and view the impressive student art exhibit.
   Towards 6 p.m., the weather cooperated and crowds returned for the Geo Tracker raffle drawing, which was won by Madras resident Brenda Davis, and evening concerts by "warm-up" band Phoenix, and popular headliner Starship, featuring Mickey Thomas.
   Despite the bad weather, an estimated 10,000 attended the 10th Annual Collage of Culture.
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