To the Editor:

   In response to Walter Ponsford's letter "Treasurer," Pioneer, May 14, 2003, I though I should offer the following for consideration.
   In the early 70s I had the pleasure of serving as commissioner on a five-member board in a homerule county. Each commissioner represented a district of that county and was/is elected non partisan along with the non partisan offices of sheriff and district attorney (the only elected offers). There was/is a county administrator who answers to the board (citizenry). All departments answer to the administrator as liaison to the board and department heads are hired for their expertise.
   I've felt since living here that too many important departments are being managed by those who are there by "popularity" vote. Not that they aren't capable, but there is some doubt in my mind about how accountable they are.
   Streamlining and consolidating some departments would seem to better serve the citizens of Jefferson County. Please support Commissioner Ponsford. He seems to have a good idea.
   Lyle Jansen
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