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   May 21, 2003 — Pamela Thomas has resigned from the Madras City Council, citing an increased workload and continuing conflicts associated with her promotion at the city of Redmond.
   Thomas served roughly a year and a half after being appointed to the council in October 2001. She filled the slot held by Keith Johnson, who resigned that July.
   Thomas' four-year term expires Dec. 31, 2004. By August, the city hopes to appoint its third councilor to the seat in as many years.
   "I just see that I'm going to be a lot more involved with things in the city of Redmond because of my job change," Thomas said. "I also have my house on the market and I'm probably going to move outside of city limits."
   Thomas was promoted this past fall to a senior permit technician with the city of Redmond's planning department. Thomas said her supervisor's position was eliminated in the shuffle, and she's assumed many additional duties.
   The increased responsibilities led to direct conflicts. She was unable to attend recent Madras City Council meetings because they were on the same night as Redmond's council meetings, which she often is expected to attend.
   Spreading herself thin between her professional duties and volunteer duties proved to be too much, Thomas said.
   "I was trying hard to do both, but it was starting to get to me," she said.
   "I just felt somebody else might be able to give more time to the council than I was able to give."
   As a councilor, Thomas helped craft the city's mission statement and represented the city on the so-called pool committee. The citizens group is working on a bond measure to create a community swimming pool.
   Thomas said she will remain active in the pool project, which was one of her pet projects as a councilor.
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