To the Editor,

   The Madras Skatepark Committee would like to thank Ralph's TV and Erickson's Sentry for their help with the recent fundraiser for the future bike and skatepark in Madras. We appreciate the residents and organizations of our area for contributing cans and bottles to the drive. The community's support of the youth is greatly appreciated and vital for the future of our young people.
   The Madras Skatepark Committee is comprised of youth, parents and volunteers who want to help make the area more youth-oriented. The committee would like to recognize the community's support in the planning process of building the bike and skatepark.
   Skateboarding and BMX biking has grown and become a mainstream recreational activity. A skatepark would be beneficial for the youth of our area. The skatepark would also be a boost to local businesses as it will attract visitors from around Oregon. Many towns smaller than Madras have skateparks. Building a skatepark in Madras is a goal our community can reach. To make this project successful, we need people to pitch in to help.
   Regular skatepark meetings are held at the chamber office at 7 p.m. the first Tuesday of each month. Interested parents, youth and community members are invited.
   Jennie Ward, Dave Bell, Becky Roberts
Madras Skatepark Committee
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