sp;  To the Editor,
   Come on all you people here in Jefferson County.
   I am speaking to those of you who have children in this School District 509-J,or will someday.
   How much longer are you gonna sit back and let this school district take and take from our children??
   Is it not enough that now they have to pay to play and is it not enough they make our kids feel worthless?
   How many of you got a sexual harrassment charge when you were in school? How many of you got assualt IV when you were in school ? How many of you were suspended, because you used bad judgemnt and called someone a name in class? Since when is the law guilty before innoccent? Isn't it innocent till proven guilty?
   Do you actully know what Zero Tolerance means for our children? Well let me tell you what I think it means. I think it means for the schools an easy way out of dealing with the real issues at hand. If a student acts out, suspend him. I think it gives them free rein to belittle our children and make them feel worthless. If all a child sees is trouble fighting and gets told he is a disgrace to a school, then he is gonna feel pretty worthless. And I will guarantee he won't want to go to school so he be made to feel like that. I thought the idea was to keep our kids in school. How can we keep them wanting to learn when anything they say or do either they are getting suspended or spending all day in the office.
   I will say this much before JCMS, my child never had a single problem in school. I do agree there should be discipline but it also should fit the crime. You don't suspend them for calling someone a bad name, you don't suspend them till all fact have been weighed. You dont call the police for he said she said games kids will play. You don't tell them that they are a disgrace to their school. You dont violate their civil rights just because you think you can and because you think they don't know what their rights are. You dont choose one student over the next cause one is darker then the other. When a fight breaks out both studentz should be spoken to not just the one tattling on the other. You dont use the police for goofin off in the hallway. When witnesses are present to both parties all should be spoken to and chances are both students were in the wrong and both should have been suspended.
   I have never seen a school more dysfunctional than JCMS or use more discrimination in all my life. I only hope that future students of that school someday get a better learning experience than what I see going on up there. I will say this school makes me want to home-school my kids. At least here at home they won't be unfairly judged, belittled and made to feel that they are not worth much.
   Jennifer Vargas
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