Madras Speedway back to action

Hosted Pacific Coast Dirt Late Model series in most recent racing

   Action returns to the Madras Speedway Saturday night.
   Fans will be hoping for competition that proves crisper and cleaner than that which was displayed among the Pacific Coast Dirt Late Model racers who competed at Madras Speedway two Saturday nights ago. Some fast and close racing, like the drivers had displayed in most of their earlier visits proved an exception rather than the rule on June 14, though. A lot of local racers turned in more all-out action.
   Crashes and other spin outs delayed the 30-lap main event in the PCDLM's racing no less than four times.
   The other divisions included a few delays, but Sprints and Sportsman division regulars turned in close racing with only one or two yellow flags in their events. And a yellow flag turned main events in both the Mini Truck and Junior racing divisions more interesting.
   Billy Workman continued doing well in the Juniors division but had to work to hold off Justin Simpson in the main.
   Dusty Baker survived crashes by others before building a lead which paved the way to his Super Sportsman division win over Dan Gilder and Wayne Simpson.
   Sprint division drivers Dave Groves and Gary Lynch battled throughout their main as Groves won.
   John (1i) Zigler earned another Sportsman division win.
   Pole sitter Joe Hughes of Metolius led the Mini Truck main event until a spin left him behind Bend's Mike Kilby and Mike Barbari. Helped by a couple of caution laps which did not count toward the race's completion, Hughes got past Barbari and was gaining slightly on Kilby as the main ended.
   Despite the delays, there proved minimal shuffling among the leaders in the racing for late model supremacy on the clay surface of Madras Speedway. Emerging atop the leaders' list for the Pacific Coast Dirt Late Model racing for June 18:
   Main Event: Darren Coffell, Greg Walters, Craig Hanson, Rob Mayea, Ron Brewster, John Duty, Roger Lorenzini, John Campos, Bill Workman, Jason Johnson, Jody Tanner.
   Summary Dash: G. Walters, R. Mayea, J. Johnson, Coffell, Doug Davenport. Heat I: Johnson, Coffell, Hanson, Lorenzini, J. Duty. Heat II: Davenport, B. Workman, Lawson, Mike Bennett, Josh Eyerly. Heat III: Mayea, Brewster, Walters, Mark Carrell.