>Win keeps Madras shop owner contending for title in Harley drag racing national series

   Cliff Dwy, owner of Cliff's Repair in Madras, won another drag racing event in the All Harley Drag Racing Association over the weekend, in Dallas, Texas. Improving his time in qualifying rounds, then getting better during elimination competition, Dwy picked up what may prove a pivotal victory in the Pro-Modified division of the A.H.D. racing by nipping Junior Pippin in the finals of the event that rival Darren Mauldin had entered.
   By matching up against Mauldin in the semi-finals, Dwy had a chance to make up more points on Mauldin, who had beaten him in the finals of an event in
   After falling to He was expected to make a short stop in town between a race in Texas and one in Seattle this week. The June 21 and 22 racing in Texas is being followed by more heats on June 28 and 29 for Dwy.
   An outing just before the one in Texas, on June 16 in the Denver area, saw Dwy retain second in the standings for national points in the Joker division by placing second to Darren Mauldin near Denver.
   Dwy reached the finals against Mauldin but lost in their second showdown of the still young season, in the event in Colorado. Even with his second-place finish, Dwy remained entrenched in second in the national points series race in his division. Dwy was leading a race in Las Vegas on time, only to lose in the finals as a predecessor to a loss in which a 146 by Mauldin. That compared to the 141 posted by Dwy, who had to switch tires on his cycle, which he has named Sasquatch.
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