CASA soccer rolls along


   While slipping from first to fifth in the standings of the Cascade Area Soccer Association (CASA) the Pumas team from in the Madras area stayed within a game of the league lead when losing a May 18 contest.
   Deportivo Jalisco, a team with a majority of its players from Jefferson County too, improved its own mark to 1-2-1 in the CASA in the course of claiming a 5-4 win on May 18 which dropped the Pumas team to 3-1.
   With one game scheduled against each of the other teams in the league, the Pumas, Deportivo Jalisco and Seaswirl Culver team (the other Jefferson County-based entry), have only shared a common opponent or two through their first four games. The Pumas beat Deportivo Jalisco when they played last year but Deportivo Jalisco exacted revenge May 18.
   The only Memorial Day weekend pitted Deportivo Olimpia and Seaswirl Culver against each other.
   While other teams will be playing their fifth match June 1, Seaswirl Culver and Deportivo Olimpia will each be in their sixth match. Culver is meeting Silver Moon Brewing that day while Deportivio Olimpia has a match against Los Huracanados the same day.
   Most matches in the league take place Sundays but there will be some mid-week matches coming up as summer arrives.
   This week's matches are all going in on Sunday, June 1, though, as The Storm is designated home team against Los Farfans in the first match shown on the schedule. The other matches, by visitor at home team designation: Silver Moon Brewing at Seaswirl Culver; Deportivo Jalisco at F.C. Bend United; Pumas at Deschutes Brewery; Los Huracanados at Deportivo Olimpia and America at San Miguel.
   Other match scores from May 18, when Deportivo Jalisco nipped Pumas, included: Deportivo Olimpia 3 - F.C. Bend United 0; Deschutes Brewery 8 - Seaswirl Culver 0; The Storm 4 - San Miguel 0; America 8 - Los Huracanados 2 and Los Farfans 3 - Silver Moon Brewing 2.
   Those match scores left the standings:
   Deportivo Olimpia 4-0-0; Los Farfans 4-0-0; Pumas 3-1; America 3-1; Deschutes Brewery 3-1; The Storm 2-1-1; Deportivo Jalisco 1-2-1; F.C. Bend United 1-3; Los Huracanados 1-3; San Miguel 1-3; Seaswirl Culver 0-4; Silver Moon Brewing 0-4.