by: Contributed - Assistant Manager Edson Pugh and Bonn Kula chat next to a pump during construction.

   May 28, 2003 — The Deschutes Valley Water District recently completed a new pump house, debuting the facility last week during a grand opening ceremony.
   The project, just short of $1 million, has now increased the district's pumping capacity by approximately 5,510 gallons per minute to 11,700 gallons total. In other words, it can get the great-tasting water to its Jefferson County customers faster.
   The district's untreated water recently was voted the best-tasting ground water and the best-tasting water all-around by the Oregon Association of Water Utilities. By winning that competition, Deschutes Valley Water earned the right to represent the state in a national competition.
   Three relatively recently drilled artesian wells also have increased the water capacity.
   The pump house project began in August 2001 and was completed this month.
   Tenneson Engineering Corporation provided the plans for the project, while the district's own crews completed the site preparation, foundation, and pipe work.
   Kirby Nagelhout Construction erected the building and CED supplied the electrical materials. The total cost of the new facility was just short of $1 million at $978,994.
   District officials said their hydroelectric facility and construction savings accounts allowed them to fund this project without going to customers for bonding costs.
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