>One man remains hospitalized
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    June 4, 2003 — A Madras man was stabbed Saturday after he and a friend allegedly initiated a fight at the Green Spot Mobile Home Park, but no arrests have been made pending further investigation.
   Eric Herrera, 18, sustained at least one stab wound.
   A hospital spokesperson said Herrera remains in fair condition at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend.
   Herrera and another man, Saul Diaz-Carbajal, 25, went to a Green Spot home to confront two individuals, police said.
   A fight broke out that involved rock throwing followed by wrestling on the ground, police said.
   "During that, a knife was pulled out and Eric Herrera was stabbed during the scuffle," said Madras Police Chief Tom Adams.
   "Based on statements, there's a little confusion right now on who actually was holding the knife when Eric got stabbed," Adams added.
   Authorities are running forensic tests on the knife, Adams said. But this much they already know: The knife was brought to the fight by Diaz-Carbajal.
   "Somehow he introduced the knife but his friend ended up getting stabbed out of it," Adams said.
   The hospital spokesperson would not elaborate on the nature of Herrera's injuries, citing the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a 1996 patient privacy law that recently went into effect.
   A "fair" condition generally means the patient is conscious with stable vital signs.
   Adams said Herrera sustained a deep stab wound. He was transported by Air Life helicopter to St. Charles around 11 p.m. Saturday.
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