To the Editor:

   The Thursday before Easter our Lutheran Church held two services commemorating Jesus' Last Supper.
   I attended the evening service. Half way through, a man's voice loudly called from the back of the church to Pastor Ron McCulloch in the front. My first thought was of fire. We finished the sermon, took communion, and left the Sanctuary.
   The Alcoholic Anonymous group who were meeting in a back room must have decided we were bothering them.
   Did the AA members choose the man who interrupted our pastor as their leader? Were they all agreeing that he do it?
   About five weeks later our pastor was arrested for violent behavior and made the front page in your Madras Pioneer. He will need much help if he can overcome the incident.
   The AA witnesses should have been very truthful about what they said and did to provoke the pastor and let it be part of the story.
   Our Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Congregation is peaceful, friendly and welcoming.
   Mac Lange
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