>   Light Technics used the pitching of Rachel Aimone to post a 12-4 win against a determined Warm Springs team in one of the Majors division softball games of Jefferson County Little League on Saturday.
   Warm Springs had beaten Black Bear Diner's Dodgers in an earlier contest but the top girls from all three of those teams will be combined, with any chosen from Culver, to form the all-star squad that will represent Jefferson County in the district tournament during the weekend of July 4 and into the week following.
   Play in the T-Ball divisions of Jefferson County Little League softball of baseball concluded earlier this week but more play -- in the Minors, Majors and Junior levels -- is continuing this week and into late June.
   Games in the oldest divisions will wrap up in the midst of all-star teams from those age-group classifications beginning practice for district tournaments in early July
   While K-lei Smith-Strong made contact to drive home Ferrellyn Bellanger for Warm Springs in the early going of the Saturday contest against Light Technics, the Light Technics line up assembled some fireworks of its own.
   Olivia Parkins was one of many members of the Light Technics roster coming throught with hits as she drove home Kaylee Patterson as part of an attack also featuring Klesia Plazola on both offense and offense, along with Aimone.
   The remainder of the Light Technics roster fronm the start of the season, which was not complete in some games like Saturday's: Anna Kissler, Marisa Hulsey, Hansina Martin, Taylor Larsen, Carrie Scranton, Justina Dendaw, MaKaylee Climer, Ashton Collier, Lannie Smith and Jazmin Banas.
   Aiding Bellanger and Smith-Strong in keeping Warm Springs contending for most of the season, as well as Saturday, were teammates like Lauren Holliday, Joella Smith, who reached base a couple times against Light Technics, and Rhyan Smith, among others.
   Laurissa Bellanger, Ferrellyn's twin, gunned a throw to Kara Katchia at first to keep one of Light Technic's innings from being even bigger. Rounding out Warm Springs' roster were Crystal Spino, a regular in the infield, along with Valene Wheeler, Maureen Saludo-Sanchez, Bronte Calders, and Ashley Johnson.
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