>Sports season tickets discounted to $30 for next school year
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   July 16, 2003 — Madras High School will be looking for a new assistant principal, after Brad Sperry resigned at the Monday night school board meeting. Sperry has been offered a job by former MHS Principal Sean Gallagher, who left to become principal at Hermiston High School.
   High school sports fans were given a break after discussion on the cost of season passes for sports events.
   When the board voted for a pay-to-play sports program, it also was trying to find a way to discount game tickets for parents of athletes. But the idea of giving parents a 50 percent discount would be a bookkeeping nightmare, according to Athletic Director Margaret Sturza, with having to keep track of whose kids played sports when.
   An easier approach would be to just lower the season ticket price for everyone, Supt. Phil Riley suggested.
   Sturza noted after season tickets were raised from $20 to $50 last year they had only sold half as many as before.
   Board member Steve Earnest asked about creating a family season pass to give people with several children a break and encourage more families to attend games.
   "It will promote families coming to our games. Sometimes that's the only time you get parents coming to school," Earnest commented.
   Riley and Sturza calculated that if individual tickets were purchased, it would cost a person $140 to attend all home games.
   After discussion, the board voted to reduce the individual season ticket fee to $30, and offer a family season pass for $100 for four or more people.
   In the annual election, Jeff Sanders was chosen as the new 509-J Board of Directors Chairman and Steve Earnest as the new vice chair.
   Newly installed board members Mary Jo Deuel and Wayne Marshall were present for their first board meeting. Deuel asked if the board would be willing to change its meeting time to 7 p.m., rather than 7:30 p.m.
   Earnest requested that the decision be delayed until September to see if the time change would present a hardship to members of the public, especially those traveling from Warm Springs and outlying areas, who might want to attend meetings.
   Mike Marion gave an update on the MHS construction project, saying it was one week behind schedule, but a big delay will come in mid-August when electrical work is done.
   He said when power company installs a new transformer, "It will mean a one-week shut down in electricity and we will have to relocate the administration office."
   Administrators will be in the middle of computer scheduling and gearing up for the September school year, but hopefully can continue to work in a temporary location.
   Approval was given to enter a $43,686 contract with Heery International to hire a person to check specifications, search for quality items, do bidding and purchase new equipment, cafeteria tables, and other furniture for MHS and Buff Elementary once construction is completed. Heery will be able to group bid with other schools for discounts and complete the work much faster than if 509-J personnel tried to do it themselves, it was noted.
   At the middle school, work to repair the roof will begin next week and should be completed by Oct. 1, after school starts.
   Assistant Supt. Keith Johnson said a $23,756 federal grant for drug abuse and violence prevention has been received, and two teachers will be attending out-of-state training in those areas.
   There has been a recall on Carpenter buses, which can collapse during rollovers, and the 509-J district has three such buses. Two older ones will be taken out of service, but the third bus is the newer small White Buffalo bus, which the district would like to keep.
   The plan is to have it reinforced with welding, and use it only in town, with a speed governor installed so the bus can't go over 40 mph. The bus does have seat-belts, it was noted.
   Board members approved the reduction of classtime hours by 15 hours for grades kindergarten through five, and 18 hours for grades six through 12, for staff development and inservice days.
   Under personnel, Pam Michaels was hired as a JCMS counselor, Kim Costa as the JCMS art teacher, and Linda Gray as special ed teacher at JCMS. Resignations, besides Sperry's, were accepted from P.E. teacher and head girls basketball coach Michael Osborne, JCMS 6th grade teacher Kelly Hicks and Westside 5th grade teacher Mike Mahoney.
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