Forget PUD

To the Editor:
   Down with PUD's and uninsured drivers.
   This Thursday should be the day we will find out how good or bad our commissioners really are when they decide what they are going to do about a proposed P.U.D. that has been brought before them. First of all Pacific Power stated in last week's meeting that their facilities are NOT for sale. If they were my sources stated that the price would be in the multi millions. Plus all the costly legal battles. Where would all the money come from? A good percentage of electric users are serviced by Central Electric. I don't think they want their property tax dollars going to support a legal battle for someone else's electric company. The only way would be to create two taxing districts. Now, think how small the resources would be. Then when it failed the tax payers would probably be looking at voting in still another bond or losing their electric service. A lot of electric users are quick to blame the power server when the electric rates continue to climb. The increased rates are from the supplier. All the power company does is pass them to the user.
   Pacific Power is regulated by the public utility commission and is limited to a 10 percent plus or minus profit. They are not the bad guys. When a major power failure occurs Pacific Power pulls in their line crews from all over the state to restore service. In most cases we are without power for only a few hours. Where would a P.U.D. find the main power to accomplish the same?
   Not only can't this community afford a project like this, the reliability of our power that we have become accustomed to would be down the sewer.
   If part of this resolution was to help exploit the resources for producing power with wind turbans, solar, etc., leave it to the private investors. They can gamble with their money, not the tax payers. We will still receive their added tax dollars at no risk to us.
   This county needs to get back into the business of managing, and letting the private industry do the rest. Commissioners, if you are listening please rescind this resolution.
   If you want to do something constructive and make a positive impact that would probably win the voters over is if the commission would adopt the proposal that I presented to Mary Zemke after last week's meeting regarding getting rid of the uninsured drivers in this county I think that anyone reading this letter would agree that they either have, or knows someone who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident with one of these lowlifes. Some resulted in serious or fatal injuries. Our insurance rates continue to sky rocket, our police departments are wasting the valuable time they would be using to do other things to keep this a safe community to live in. I did research on the charges that Madras Police Department made from 3-26 through 6-25-2003 and found that of all the charges made (355), 158 were for DWS and/or Uninsured. That equals 45 percent. Wonder how many are out there that haven't been caught.
   Thursday I will be asking the commission to adopt a resolution to actively pursue this proposal. It sure wouldn't hurt if some other concerned citizens were there to voice their concerns on this matter. Hope to see you there.
   Steve Jansen