>   No complaint, concerns only. It's time for the Coaches to get together to assist, and give stronger support for our future stars. They know how to play the games, so it's time to give them that chance. These past few season, there hasn't been any support given to our young athletes who play Softball and Baseball. To the coaches, who take the time to coach and work with the kids, on their own time.
   Concerns or requests are not taken into consideration by the Little League Organization, or by the Warm Springs Community Center. Causing some of the athletes to lose interest in sports, and turn to the streets because of how the league is run. The Association never made or took the extra effort to check what was happening in the League. They said they had to be informed, just an excuse to to do anything.
   So they're no help either on trying to resolve any problems in question. This year's season turned out to be a mess, especially on the League rules! Whenever any changes were made, not all the coaches were informed, causing some disagreements at games. The same with some of the coaches paper work. The Little League Association didn't enforce or do their job to inform any or all coaches, as part of a new league role!
   The Warm Springs Community Center staff did not turn in all the coaches paperwork before the league started, why? No answers! The few Warm Springs coaches, were held responsible by the Little League Association, informing them they were ineligible to coach or make All Star selections. That was Indian coaches only whose paperwork wasn't turned in. Yet a non Indian who didn't coach all season was allowed to coach, on of the All Star teams. Rules by the Association do not apply the same to everyone! So why have any rules.
   The Warm Springs athletes, are not given enough representation on the All Star teams. Those that are selected, the majority of the time, just ride the bench. A lot of players who have the ability are usually left out, making more roam for the non-Indian players.
   The tribes have enough athletes to make their own All Star teams in all division. The players never receive any help from the Association, or the Community Center Staff, to do so. Why? In the past the team record was given consideration for the Head Coaches and the All Star selection, but not today. That's when the League played on potential and not race.
   The League was better organized and received support form all the Communities, not today. We need to get rid of the politics and the middle man, for the better and open communication for all. Having the coaches working directly with each other to find options or solutions to the League's problems. Try upgrading to equality for all, or forming our own All Star teams, with Madras and Culver having their own.
   Can't do nothing about this season, the Little League Association make their ruling, regardless of what was brought to their attention. Their rules do not apply to all. Time to quit ignoring the problem, and start working as one to the positive side, for our young athletes of today. God bless all!
   "Big Rat"
Coach 28 years my record
Speaks for itself
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