To the Editor,
   I would just like to comment regarding your article regarding A.E.D. units. I work for Warm Springs Forest Products in which we just purchased an A.E.D. unit and I have been trained to use one. I hope that it will never have to be used but I feel safe and secure knowing we have one on our mill site.
   In order for our company to purchase a unit we had to go through a rather tedious process of research, training and planning before even purchasing the unit. Just having one does not guarantee success, but rather having a action/emergency response plan in place in addition to having a A.E.D. is essential.
   I would like to encourge those who plan on buying a unit to receive training on how to use one. It does help with the reassurance of how easy these A.E.D. units are to use, but also you are also informed of the importance of properly maintaining the unit.
   Danni Katchia
Warm Springs
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