the Editor:
   In reading Carol Andrews Wallan's letter to the editor, in the June 25 edition of the Madras Pioneer, I would like to state some similar thoughts. I found the headline news to be quite disturbing. One reason for the disturbance was concerning the incident itself. But the other reason, and perhaps the more disturbing reason, was the way in which this "headline news" was covered.
   Had I not known who Reverend Ron McCulloch was, I would have possibly mistaken this Lutheran pastor to be a crazy lunatic, who definitely should be locked up in some kind of institution. And after reading the article, and seeing the `gosh-awful' picture of him, I might have made him out to be some hard-core criminal. Then my thoughts could have been, "how did this guy pull the wool over these good peoples (members of Good Shepherd Lutheran) eyes. He sure must be one heck of a con artist."
   But instead of not knowing who Pastor Ron is, I do know him. And I know Pastor Ron to be a good and decent man. Through my acquaintance with him, through the Jefferson County Ministerial Association, I can honestly say that he is someone who inspires me in my ministerial priesthood. What I have heard about him, from members of the Lutheran Church, has only been very positive. His outreach to the Hispanic population is to be admired. And I also would commend him greatly for his passion in counseling people, as I have heard of the outstanding advice he has given, in helping people to reconcile and move on in life with direction. Yes, Pastor Ron has some problems to deal with, but don't all of us have problems. I hope and pray that Pastor Ron will seek the help needed, and that he finds healing in his life. I would also like to commend the members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. They saw something good and holy in this man, and called him forth to serve as their shepherd. I believe that what they saw is true, and I fro one, am a better person for knowing this man, Ron McCulloch, a man of God.
   Sincerely Rev. Jim Stephens
   Pastor, ST. Patrick's Catholic Church
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