Competitors don't put up with bull at rodeo


by: Photo By Brian Liebenstein  - Bad Medicine gives Shaun Roggenkamp an adventurous ride Friday evening at the Jefferson County Fair. He scored 79 points but Roggenkamp had to settle for second.

   Topped by Bryan Collier's 80-point ride atop the bull Bojangles and a dash around three barrels in a time of 15.59 by Angela Wertsch, competitors in Saturday night's session of the Northwest Professional Rodeo Association's stop at the Jefferson County Fair showed they were not about to let earlier competitors show them up.
   Shaun Roggenkamp's 79-point ride atop the bull Bad Medicine on Friday proved a tough enough target that only Collier beat it. But there was a tie with the 79 turned in by John Osburn on a bull named Boomer.
   Performers at the Jefferson County Fair drew plenty of the crowd's approval.
   Saturday's crowd proved even more raucous than Friday's. Filled to almost 75 percent of capacity, Corwin Arena's stands were the noisiest place in Madras more than once on Friday.
   Cheers for the competitors, and the animals that frustrated some of the cowboys, filled the arena during the events in Friday's early action. The animals kept getting the best of their potential captors throughout the evening.
   Of those who rode the bareback, calf roping, breakaway roping, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, team roping and bull riding, less than half proved successful in posting scores or times.
   Even the cowgirls doing barrel racing had their hands full a few times. Their horses cut in too near the barrels to force penalty seconds to nearly a handful of the cowgirls' runs.
   Despite the few knockdowns, barrel racing remained the most tenaciously competitive event of Friday night.
   With a 15.89 time, Tanya Cocco posted the top time of Friday, only to be bumped down to sixth in what proved one of Saturday's top categories.
   At least one of Saturday's performances seemed to bounce or barrel their way into the top three in the majority of the events, but no other leader from Friday felt the misfortune of falling as far as Cocco.
   Rides were rare enough in the bareback and saddle bronc categories for the top scores in those divisions to all wind up within eight points of each other in the span from first to fourth.
   Mark Barkley set a target Saturday's bareback riders couldn't reach with his Friday score of 76 atop Little Abner, but the bareback riders in Saturday's evening show proved themselves quite capable of denying Tyler Hinshaw, who had scored 74 aboard Kingpin on Friday.
   Jimmy Popham's 77 for staying on Two Spot and Dusty Otleg's 76 courtesy of Sitting Bull pushed Hinshaw's strong ride all the way back to third.
   Steer wrestlers had a tough time finding a handle on the stock before running out of space in which to launch themselves on Friday and Saturday.
   The 5.33-second effort Kain Garcia wowed the crowd with to start Saturday's competition held up as the best in the rodeo. It beat Casey Arnold's 9.4 that had been leading at the start of the Saturday competition.
   More of the rodeo's scores are included in the scoreboard feature on page 11A.