Triple-wide unit will house Warm Springs P.E.


   A walk-through of Madras High School construction was given to School District Board members, by Mike Marino just prior to their Monday night meeting.
   Marino said the new school office and music room would be ready to go by the time school starts, and work will continue on other sections after students arrive.
   At the board meeting, Supt. Phil Riley mentioned work in other areas of the district. He said repair work began Monday on the old classroom building that had been connected to the guy that burned at Warm Springs Elementary.
   The district's insurance company has also agreed to provide temporary facilities for students, to replace those lost in the fire while repairs are being done and the insurance settlement is being negotiated.
   "We have told them, yes we want a double-wide (classroom unit) for music, and we will be getting a triple-wide for P.E., with a playable surface floor," Riley said.
   At Jefferson County Middle School, roofers will start doing the long-awaited repairs within the next few days.
   Riley asked the board to consider between now and the next board meeting spending $25,000 to $34,000 at JCMS to purchase a separate phone system.
   The school was built with the phones, alarms, bells, and clocks all on the same operating system, but there has been trouble with the phones, because the system is past its capacity to operate.
   Research is still being done on the problem and a proposal will be brought to the next meeting.
   Under citizens comments, Athletic Director Margaret Sturza asked the board to consider putting a two-minute time limit on people who speak during public comments, saying some people are using the time to "filibuster."
   "I they have something they want to say it should be short and to the point," she said.
   In other business, the annual agreement with Big Muddy School was continued. The 509-J District provides one teacher for the 12 students of employees at the Young Life at Wild Horse Canyon camp. The agreement was made to prevent the children from having to make 3 1/2 to 4-hour bus rides into Madras to attend school.
   In return, the church camp provides the school building and utilities. The district also collects more than double the State Basic School Support funds for each student, due to a special allowance for small schools.
   Under personnel, JCMS teachers Anita Moose and Monica Freeman submitted their resignations. New teachers hired included Kristen Bowman, language arts at MHS; Lori Baimbridge, math at MHS; former Culver resident Rhian Lang, language arts, JCMS; and Michelle Lyle, social studies, JCMS.
   Murilo Varela was hired as the new Head Girls Soccer Coach, replacing Mike Osborne. Varela has coached previously six years for the district.