by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Douglas Wiese's new book.

   Former Madras resident Douglas Wiese has published a Christian novel, "Time Only Will Tell."
   The story begins in the 1940s and is centered around ranch-hand Earl Meadows, and is partly based on the lives of the author and his parents from the years they lived in the Madras area. Other elements were added to create a romance story between the young rancher and a girl he meets at Hay Creek Ranch.
   The first chapter is about life at Hay Creek Ranch, and other chapters mention the Paulina Rodeo, bronc riding, the Metolius potato plant, Grizzly Mountain, Madras, the Deschutes River Canyon, and other locally-recognizable places.
   Wiese moved to Madras with his father, a circuit preacher, mother and two sisters when Madras was still mostly wide-open country.
   In 1946 when they first arrived, Pelton and Round Butte dams had not yet been built and The Cove was a rugged place of wonder. He lived in Madras until 1966, graduating from Madras High School. College and the military followed, then he got married and raised four children.
   Wiese has been a preacher, mechanic, pilot, evangelist and truck driver.
   In this novel, he has taken some negative things of the past and turned them into something positive through the power of the pen.
   "Time Only Will Tell" can be purchased at Willow Creek Books in Madras and at Opal Springs Family Center.
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