Letters to the Editor

Hey, Boxer fans: Crank up the noise!

As parents of a Pacific University student, we loved our visit to Forest Grove. We loved our experience with the school, the facility, the location and the football program. We love what they stand for and how the community stands with their team.

After coming to the opening game versus Simon Fraser and then watching the Menlo game on the school website, we realized that Forest Grove needs a 12th man to win.

The 12th man is you in the stands! Pacific already has great fans, but we think you can be the best.

You can and do influence the game. Our team needs your positive energy.

We have come to understand the rules on the field and in the stands. On the field, players need to love their teammates; in the stands our job is to love the team. The players need to do their job, we need to be the best 12th man or woman we can be.

Players need to play as hard as they can; we need to be as loud as we can for the whole game. Players need to be physical when they get there; we need to 'Bring the Noise.'

Here are the opportunities to make as much noise as we can:

•When the team is entering the field

•Any time the opponent is snapping the ball

•When we make a big play

Here is when we need to be as quiet as possible:

• When we are snapping the ball

• When the referee appears to have made a bad call

Tell every Pacific supporter you know about the 12th man and 'Bring the Noise!'

Ken Cooper

Fullerton, CA

New push for airport expansion still bad

After a lengthy and expensive battle, the state Land Use Board of Appeals allowed Apple Valley Aviation to engage in aircraft operations under certain conditions. Primarily restricted to agricultural flights, it was a compromise that both sides could live with. Mr. Applebee apparently has other plans.

From the beginning, he has wanted to expand the original private airstrip into a full-fledged airport. The main impediment has been that most of his property is below the flood plain and cannot be built upon.

So, that should be the end of it, right? Not necessarily so. Mr. Applebee hired an engineering firm and, surprise! Eleven feet of flood elevation disappeared.

With this new information, he has applied to Washington County to continue his expansion with runway improvements, and extension of an 'existing' road for parking his big trucks (which looks very much like a future taxiway with turn outs to eventual hangars).

Washington County, in its continuing appeasement, has accepted the application and is considering approval. The flood plain designation was established long before most can remember and has generally been accepted by state and federal agencies.

The Neighbors Against Apple Valley Expansion (NAAVE) group has once again formed to stop this threat to our rural way of life.

Our lawyers and engineers have questions about the validity of the findings in this report, especially with photographic evidence of severe flooding in 1956, 1996 and 2006. We'll show that the established line is correct, as it always has been, and that our position will prevail.

Unfortunately, this will take money and we can't do it alone. Through the generous contributions of our supporters in the past, we were able to prevent the unbridled expansion attempted last time. It's unfortunate that we have to ask again, but once again the livability of western Washington County is at stake.

NAAVE will sponsor an information booth at the Banks farmers market on Fridays. You can also visit the website at

Jeff Holmes


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