Cedar Ridge Middle School takes to the track for annual jog-a-thon


Though Cedar Ridge Middle School teachers would encourage their students to read Mark Twain, they would not encourage them to follow his exercise advice.

Twain once said, 'Every time I feel the urge to exercise, I sit down until it goes away.'

Homeroom classes at Cedar Ridge took to the track Friday, Sept. 30 for the school's annual jog-a-thon. Similar events are held throughout the district as fundraisers for school events, field trips and supplies.

During the hour-long event, students ran, jogged, walked, jumped, skipped and hopped to music ranging from Black Eyed Peas to Journey.

Principal Matt Newell got on the microphone to sing, 'Just a city boy, born in raised in Sandy, Ore.' He also took laps around the track with students.

Luanne Boatwright's eighth-grade math students designed their own hot pink T-shirts for the occasion. Some in the class added temporary pink hair dye, sunglasses, knee socks and neon-colored shoes.

'They're a very active class,' Boatwright said. 'A very positive group.'