The city of Sandy is setting itself up for a big rise after the fall - assuming another fall would occur.

With the volatility in the markets, especially with the uncertainty of financial stability in some European markets, some financial managers are predicting a double-dip recession.

Even if that doesn't happen, it will take some time before the financial markets in the United States begin to show steady growth instead of a rollercoaster ride, as seen last week at the New York Stock Exchange.

But we believe Sandy residents should remain hopeful because the city is posturing itself to take full advantage of the rise after the fall.

Not only is business growing in Sandy, but there is a stream of new businesses opening doors - inside the city as well as outside.

When there are new businesses, it means the number of job openings also is increasing in the local economy.

Add to that the fact the city's facade improvement program is helping Sandy put its best foot (or face) forward.

We believe the continually improving appearance of the city's commercial and public areas draws people to town and gives passers-by a reason to stop.

The monthly First Friday program, a promotional arm of Sandy Main Street, has continued to be successful, providing incentives for people to visit downtown-core stores.

The local Main Street program also is positioning itself to move to the next level of development, with new committees of volunteers forming and plans being made to give our business community a boost.

We expect that all of this should have a positive effect on the local economy, which also could be influenced by such amenities as nearly two dozen neighborhood parks, a home-grown connection to the Internet (SandyNet), the increased speed of the fiber-to-home project, an in-house transit system with virtually free fares and an increasing amount of construction work employing local workers - especially at the new regional high school.

Our hats are off to those who are in part responsible for forward movement, which creates and sustains a hopeful attitude in residents and business owners.

It has been the efforts of such groups as the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce, city of Sandy and Sandy Main Street as well as the individual efforts of civic organizations and countless business owners that has made the difference.

All of these endeavors along with the city's civic, social and cultural activities - especially evident during its centennial year - makes Sandy a desirable place for locals to reside and for their friends and distant family members to visit.

It's no wonder the city's population has continued to grow - even in a tumultuous economy - now counted at approximately 10,000 people. Many other metro-area communities are not enjoying these hopeful signs.

We believe Sandy is setting an example unmatched in the region. It couldn't happen to a nicer town.

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