New gas station ruins city's shiny image

So, the Sandy City Council has decided to put a gas station on two acres of prime property at the western entry to the city. There goes the city image enhancement effort.

For the past three years, the city has made great progress upgrading the looks and image of downtown. The investment of urban renewal funds in the façade enhancement program has made a significant contribution to the city's image. It has brought positive comments from locals as well as a bit of new pride in their city.

Now, by allowing the eighth gas station at our front door, the new City Council has retreated to the old, tried and true, bad-mouth image of 'cheap gas and donuts.'

It is a shame to blow the hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtown façade restoration with the blight of a shiny gas station on the western entrance to Sandy.

George Hoyt


Weight equipment deeply appreciated

To Angie Welty, Media Cloutier, and everyone else at the Mt. Hood Athletic Club who helped make the donation of weight equipment possible -- thank you! The equipment is deeply appreciated and will be put to great use by members of our high school athletic teams and other students. Your donation is another example of amazing community support. Thank you again for your gift.

Norm Trost, board chairman

Oregon Trail School District

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