Letters to the editor for Oct. 8


Parents need to do better with children

I would like an answer about children who act up in public. Crying over having a physical problem is one thing, but screaming uncontrollably is another.

I have seen an example in just a week in a Fred Meyer store, a fabric discount store, and a pharmacy, children screaming and running around in an area where people are sick. Mothers who are unable to handle the situation or choose to ignore it, mostly talking on their cell phone.

These children do not wait in a cart, or they start screaming the minute they enter the building. In some cases, those parents stay way too long, in another they have got a brat on their hands who is going to drive people out of their minds. And let's not say these are the terrible 2s, get hold of it or you will see it last longer than a 2-year-old.

Eileen Ayers


Design Committee still not local

On Jan.15, The Outlook printed my option column titled 'Outsourcing Citizen Involvement.' It pointed out that Gresham's seven-member Design Commission had no Gresham residents as members.

My hope was if this were made public, our mayor and City Council, based on their repeated commitments to engage their citizens in the deliberative processes, would correct this situation at the earliest opportunity.

So what has happened in the interim? Have the mayor and council appointed at least one of their very own citizens to a commission instrumental in shaping the future quality and appearance of Gresham's developments? Unfortunately not. Two of the design commissioners, who are Portland residents, have been reappointed to serve an additional three years and another Portland resident has replaced a third who resigned. This was done, not by locally advertising the vacancy, but by once again recruiting nonresidents to apply for appointment to the vacancy.

I appeared before the selection panel, which included two council members, to encourage them to appoint a Gresham resident who could add a community perspective to the design review process. Unfortunately, based on their appointment selection, the light posts in the parking lot would have been more receptive to that request.

Richard Ehr