Bruins win in a mad dash

BOYS CROSS COUNTRY - Barlow's #5 runner gets to the finish line first to give Bruins a key dual victory
by: David Ball Reynolds Keenan Follett and Barlow’s Auston Burns sprint for the finish line.

OREGON CITY - This was cross country's version of a buzzer beater. No, there was no ball swishing through a net or a crowd rushing the court. Instead, coaches were pacing on a muddy infield and volunteers were hurriedly entering times into a laptop.

'When it was all over, I wasn't sure if we had won or lost,' Barlow coach Jim Babson said.

Once the final numbers had been calculated, Babson and the Bruins had reason to celebrate after emerging with a one-point win over Reynolds...

Look for full race coverage in the Oct. 8, edition of The Outlook, along with coverage of the girls race.