>   To the Editor,
   I am writing to thank Jeff Potter for giving the third- and fourth-grade kids an opportunity to play tackle football. It was a fun experience to see the kids playing.
   Myself, I found out the rigors of coaching and the challenges as I coached youth soccer for the first time. I found out how hard it is to coach the skills and to get all kids playing time. It's easy to get competitive and worry about winning and leave some kids out. Then to look to
   the sidelines and see that you already lost by leaving
   a few kids out to get what you wanted.
   We are not pros or paid so that's why the rules say everyone plays. I really liked the way Jeff coached sportsmanship because that's the most important thing. We played a few teams that did not have any.
   I look forward to next season. Like to see more participation.
   Orlando Stevens
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