Culver city recorder resigns


   Culver City Recorder Jeralyn Jones, who has been charged with making personal charges on a city credit card over a two-year period, submitted her resignation Nov. 29, according to Culver Mayor Dan Harnden.
   The letter was submitted a week after Culver City Council members met in executive session Nov. 19, then announced in public session that Jones was being put on paid administrative leave, pending due process.
   The accusation that Jones was misusing the city credit card was first brought up by (former) Culver City employee Eugenia Alire in July 2003, but Jones was not put on leave until Nov. 19.
   When asked if there were any new developments that prompted the council to take such action, Mayor Harnden commented, "I can't comment at this time on why she was put on administrative leave."
   Jones has worked as Culver's City Recorder for eight years. Retired Culver City Hall employee Kathleen Flake is filling in as the interim city recorder while the city advertises the position.
   At a pretrial conference held Nov. 4, Jones' attorney had proposed a civil compromise with the city of Culver, but state prosecuting attorney Timothy Thompson had objections. The objections will be heard at Jones' next court appearance Dec. 13, in Circuit Court.