>   To the Editor,
   Jefferson County recently lost one of its finest, Sam Watson at age 94. I thought Sam should be remembered in your column since he contributed some important views in his letters over the years.
   Many of us remember Sam's letters to you. Whether it was his strong concerns about education, our children or some other important issue. I don't ever recall a letter about Roosevelt!
   I first met Sam when I moved to Madras in 1974. Sam was the most quietly welcoming man I've ever met. If you needed something he was always there to help. Sam always grew a large garden which he graciously shared with everyone.
   Over the years I vividly remember his comings and goings in his beloved yellow Ford Courier pickup until he wore that one out and got a red one.
   Sam was always there for my children and my children loved his stories. One of my daughters at a very young age started writing letters to your column and I've always suspected who taught her the trade!
   One year Sam had my children over to his annual pumkin patch to pick the pumkin of their choice. However, he surprised all three because they each had a beautiful pumpkin with their name naturally grown on their pumpkin which Sam had earlier etched on them.
   Sam was also quite a musician and played music in a local band and a Seniors group. He would travel to the nursing homes playing his Sax and bringing joy to so many.
   When Sam finally got the opportunity to be a grandfather he took that job seriously and shared his love and compassion with each and everyone of them. I'm sure he passed on those wits of wisdom only Sam could possess.
   While Sam made numerous other gifts to the community I hope the above hightlights why Sam was such a wonderful man.
   When I look up to Mount Jefferson I'll always be reminded of Sam. I'm sure many of you may remember that Sam found the Rabbit on Mount Jefferson!
   A picture of the Rabbit and a feature story of when the Rabbit appears graced the pages of The Pioneer a few years back. (I vote for a re-run of that story).
   Thank you Sam Watson.
   Gordy Stewart
Maui, Hawaii
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