Winter programs


   To the Editor,
   I would like to thank the Westside Elementary kindergarten, first grade and second grade students for putting on a terrific Winter Show program. You all gave an outstanding performance and did a lot to help spread the Holiday spirit. To Mrs. Lee, your efforts really show through your students. You are to be commended for your hard work.
   To the audience who stayed for the entire program to watch the second grade perform, thank you for not leaving your seats to exit the gym two-thirds into the program. To those who decided leave, thank you for making no effort to avoid making noise or become a distraction to everyone else in the audience. Thank you for not sticking around to recognize the second graders who worked just as hard to ready themselves to perform, were left to see approximately 60 percent of the original audience remaining to watch them sing their hearts out. You missed a performance just as enjoyable as your kindergarten and first graders. It is difficult to understand why so many can not stay for an additional twenty minutes to show appreciation and respect to all the students, teachers and other parents who stayed for the entire program. Many of those second graders were left wondering, "Where did everybody go?" Thank you for leaving us having to explain to our children why so many adults didn't want to stick around and watch them up on stage. Yes, some of you may say you have younger children who need to get home to bed. I don't believe 7:45 pm is too late for most to share a special evening with our kids. Many who stayed for the entire program have young children as well, including those whose children performed earlier with the kindergarten and first grades.
   Next time, I hope you remember to take time to show the respect these young kids deserve after working so hard to bring joy to us all.
   Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
   Al Short