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Pick up your photos at The Pioneer

The following photos, used last year in The Pioneer, have not yet been picked up by their owners:
   Accident photos, Advanced Diesel; Freda Stevenson birthday; Rick Krause disk.
   Habitat 10th anniversary; Family Finders party; youth going on European tour.
   Two pictures of a cute little blond girl "Care Bear for 18th birthday;" Tom Manning birthday; Jennifer Phillips; Violet Robertson; Roy and Anita Bicart anniversary.
   Sue Ortiz wedding; Walt Chamberlain CD; Gibson School; Rebecca Leutwiler; Barb Williams art show; Opal Day Spa male employee.
   Skate Park kids with check; Ivy Sample 90th birthday; Jenny Earnest engage; Justina Dendauw; Cassandra and Meghan Smith; little Dendauw girls, 1988.
   Soroptimist award; Kelley engage; Xi Delta sorority; Mtn. View Living Center residents dying Easter eggs (2 photos); Elks poster awards; Patty (from Sentry Market) class of 1972 birthday; Olivia Quinn; Eric Schultz-Fly Lake aftermath.
   Tim Kirsch; Patsy 1974; Ballard-Shatto wedding; Wallace-Patterson wedding; Madras air show (3); Robyn Belvoir in play; Crow anniversary; Fireworks photos on CD; Laura Olson-Hamilton wedding; Penney Towne; Maura Schwartz Afghanistan photos (2); Chester Boyle photo; Paul Beebe; Carly Lofting style show (2); Minor-McNamee engagement.
   Old Metolius Friends Church photos (2); Larrance engagement; Martin engagement; Matthews engagement; house fire (4); Katie Klann leadership conference.
   Art Chamness birthday.
   Hotchkiss wedding; Lofting wedding; Goodson birthday; Villa and Roth weddings (CD).
   Michele Friend wedding; Doug Leeds Christmas parade CD; Orrin and Hanne birthday.
   Sports and Misc.
   Ken Rozell truck in snow (disk and CD); CAFE play (2); Sharon Miller award; two kids with Elks soccer balls (2); touch football game; Culver track runners (3); Tracy Dmytryk photos of cheerleaders; Moschetti motocross photos Jacoby Ellsbury (2); Madras Elementary Geo Bee (disk); lady in leather jacket; Stan Nowakowski running; body builder Brandon White.