>   To the Editor,
   I want every person to take a stand against what is going on in our schools! We don't want the little kids with the sixthgraders. We want the paper and all media to shout it out. We want more attention to this cause ... more than the beloved pool.
   It sickens me how the administrators so foolishly avoid pointed questions about the possibilities of their train wreck of a plan not working and then continue to play "Polly Anna" about how we "told them so"!
   I understand they need a solution to the over-crowding and "socializing" the incoming sixth-graders but we won't allow you to sacrifice our kindergardeners. We want the kindergardeners to have a great, safe, and positive first school experience and that can't happen with the proposed plan.
   So I'll say it in small words so they can understand ... NO! I'll even say it in Spanish: NO!
   Jerrie Thompson
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