To the Editor,

   Did you know?
   A pool constructed for $8.5 million will cost $14 million by the time we pay for it in 20 years.
    That taxpayers already owe over $60 million dollars on levies that are in place.
   That no pool is self-suffient and the 25 cent a thousand on your property and business goes on for the rest of your life.
   That Jefferson county has the lowest per capita income ($17,000) in the state but we also have the highest tax in the state (23 percent).
   That the voting machine broke and 800 votes couldn't be counted right away until a different machine could be brought down from Bend. the Pioneer didn't report this but the Bulletin did 11-03-04. Why?
   That the last levy for the fire district was voted down but was recounted because of pressure by the fire department and their supporters, and guess what? It passed.
   That the pool was barely passing but Dr. Kemper stated (11-03-04 Bulletin) the pool would pass because the affuent east side of Madras hadn't been counted. Does that tell you something?
   That Washington's governer's race has been recounted three or four times with different results and is still be contested .
   That a hidden cost not mentioned by the pool pushers is that all pools must be drained, sandblasted, and repainted every two or three years. How much will that cost?
   That 35 years ago citizens and businesses got behind Mr. Harbeck and collected over $10,000 dollars and placed it in a account to be used only for pool construction at current interest rates this would be over $50,000. Well, it disappeared. What goverment agency helped themselves to this?
   Mr. Kemper stated (MAC material) that the bond rates are the lowest right now and we need to build. Well, they are for a service district with a track record, but a new one will pay the highest rate because of no record.
   With a vote so close, less than 2 percent, why don't we have a recount by both pro and con voters and see which voters got counted and which were thrown out?
   Don Rowan
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