by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Mock Trial defense team of Karina Romero, left, Amar Patel and Pam Ward.

Several Madras High students have been rehearsing parts as attorneys, witnesses, clerk and bailiff for the regional Mock Trial competition, set for Feb. 26, at the Deschutes County Courthouse.
   At Mock Trial, students try a selected case in front of real lawyers and judges and are scored for their professional performance, and strategies. The event is sponsored yearly by the Oregon Classroom Law Project and the Oregon State Bar.
   This year's theoretical trial involves a civil case of Andy Parker vs. Paradise County Schools. Andy and his parent are suing the school district for negligence after Andy blew up his hand while demonstrating his high school project to other students on school property.
   Andy is a rather unruly student, and used matches, which violated a school rule. But his teacher allowed him to take the dangerous project home, knowing he required extra supervision.
   Student prosecution and defense lawyers must present arguments asking the question: who was negligent, the school or Andy?
   Advised by teacher Suzanne Callahan and attorney Tim Gassner of Glenn, Sites and Reeder, this year's MHS Mock Trial team includes:
   Plaintiff lawyers (arguing for Andy), Isabel Ponce and Alex Forsting; and defense lawyers (for the school) Amar Patel, Karina Romero and Pam Ward, the clerk is Sabria Rios, and bailiff is Isabel Ponce.
   Witnesses are: Armando Galaviz (as Andy Parker), Rhonda Reynolds (as Joni Parker), Andrew Saldana (as Johnny Parker), Pam Ward (as Marty Watkins), Armando Galaviz (Pat Mentor), Jessenia Quijano (as teacher Sandy Todd), and Alex Forsting (as Alex Graenger). Some students play different parts in different courtrooms at the contest.
   The public is invited to come view the contest, which runs all day Saturday.
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